Italy Day 3 :)

Buon Giorno! (Good morning) I am sitting here in my cute little living room and it is around 10:30 in the morning. I AM THE FIRST ONE AWAKE! Weird right?!

Sorry I forgot to post for a few days, but I am sure you can imagine why! So I went back and read my last blog and there is one thing I would like to mention:

I called “Big Ben” “Big Bend.” LOL obviously I had no idea what I was talking about and felt really stupid after I figured out what it was really called. The british accent threw me off! ..but anyways, lets talk about Italy! 🙂

When we arrived in Italy on Friday, we stayed in a beautiful hotel called Hotel Novana. It was everything you could picture a hotel in Italy to look like: Open balconies, a wonderful view, and authentic Italian food. We did very little exploring, but I have already witnessed the most beautiful scenery I did not even know could exist. We walked around the city in Pantheon where our school was located, which is right in the middle of the square and it is adorable! The weather is perfect too! Yesterday, we transferred to our hotel which is across the river in Travestere (but still in Rome) which is also only a three minute walk from my cousin’s apartment in Italy….SUCH A SMALL WORLD. It was so nice to finally get settled in and unpack my stuff from my suite case. 

About my apartment: I have four rommates named Courtney, Kat, Katie, and Nikki who are all awesome! Courtney and I are sharing a room and it is huge! I pictured a really small apartment, although we have a large living room, HUGE bedroom, and a kitchen. I will post pics to facebook! When we got here, the weirdest part was definitely the trash…I know that sounds strange, but we are required to separate are trash into four different trash cans: glass, plastic, metal, and non-recycle. I know it does not sound that complicated, but when you go to throw out a any piece of trash you have to decide which one it goes in, and if you can’t figure it out, you refer to a long list provided in the apartment. All of us are a little thrown off by it!

Last night my roommates and I walked around the corner to a little restaurant called “Mama Eat!” where I finally got to order my favorite italian dish: Spaghetti alle Vongole! ( spaghetti with clams). This was my second attempt at trying to order in Italian. Even though our waitress spoke English, I have been trying to speak in Italian so I can improve my speaking. It is so fun!

Today my roommates and I are going to head to Beach Ostica, which is only about thirty minutes away from here. Tonight we have an art tour around Rome with our group that I am really looking forward to! I am not usually an art buff, but man does Italy change my perspective on that! Everything is so gorgeous here and there is not a thing that I could complain about. I have never felt so much excitement and happiness, especially when I remember that I get to live here for a month! I am finally living my dream. I never want it to end, but I also have some great trips to look forward to before I head home! I will tell you about that later because I want to go explore on my own a little before everyone wakes up.
Love you all!



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