London: Day 1 

London Day 1
Wow! London is amazing! I am feeling a bit of jetlag right now, but I’m fighting through it so I can enjoy the only three days I have here!
The flight was long, but not as bad as I thought it would be!
The drive from the airport was terrifying because these people drive like mad men. But I have to mention that the taxis are the cutest thing I have ever seen.
Today I met my roommate Courtney who is awesome! We had so much fun exploring today. We are sleeping in University dorms in London until we go to Rome on Friday! It is super close to everything and we each have our own dorm rooms. S’cute!

My favorite part about London is definitely the structures of the buildings and how everything is walking distance from where we are staying. Eating at restaurants made me feel like a foreigner because they do not get tipped for service so you basically do it all yourself. Including getting your own silverware and dressing your own salad. (Stupid Americans). I have yet to try England beer but that is in the books for tomorrow!

Tomorrow we will be waking up around 7 to begin our tour to see the Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Towers of London, and many more touristy places. I’m stoked! Then Courtney and I plan on walking around and doing some shopping in our free time and checking out the Big Bend.
Well, as I said earlier, I am super tired. I am going to get a good nights rest since I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow.
I will try to post tomorrow and let you know about my day!

Love and miss you all!
Peace && blessins


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