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7 Reasons Why You Should End Up With A Man Like Your Father

no daddy better out there then Steves Bran

Thought Catalog

1. Your father was the first man to ever enter your life and the first man who you ever learned to treat with utter reverence. Despite what most may think, it’s hard to learn how to respect someone. Your father was a living example of traits you should look out for, ones you learned to be proud. And most importantly, you probably still love him for all of his flaws. Simply put, you’re more likely to fall for someone and have respect for an individual who has imperfections like your father because you already know how to tolerate them.

2. A father’s love for his daughter teaches her to have self-confidence and to love herself. That is why you need to find someone who is able to love you unconditionally and wholeheartedly. Because a guy’s love for you will teach you to love yourself, and we can always benefit…

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I Found Jennifer Lawrence’s Cell Phone In A Cab

How cool. I wanna find JLAWS phone in a cab!

Thought Catalog

“This will be my exercise for the day,” I thought as I left the bar, planning to walk home.

Like most winter nights in New York City, I was in a cab a minute later. I hop in and land on something blocky. It feels like a seat belt. I don’t wear seat belts in cabs, but didn’t want to sit on it for the entirety of the ride. I reach under me and feel familiar plastic: an iPhone case.

I yell up to the cab driver. “Hey, someone left a phone back here.” He mumbles something into his bluetooth headset, ignoring me.

I tap the home button and the screen lights up. It’s locked. Glowing behind the keypad is a picture of a dog. White with brown ears. A basset hound, I think.

It’s the new iPhone with the fingerprint reader, which I heard were faulty. I press down…

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