Rainy Days

Last night I fell asleep with my window up, and woke up to a thunderstorm.


Thunderstorms are my favorite to sleep through, so life really sucked this morning when I had to wake up at 8:30 for a test. I usually hate rainy, gloomy days because I cannot be outside. Thinking about it,  rainy days are good every once in a while because I can get a lot done. Like right now, if it were sunny I would probably be outside with my friends hanging out avoiding homework, but since it is raining, I have nothing else to do but homework. I am really getting to the point that I am ready for summer, but I am still not ready to leave  Springfield.

I have been sitting here listening to Pandora for the past hour, and this song is great to listen to on a rainy day if you’re bored. 


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