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July 10, 2013

So I am on cloud nine right now because I just found out that my dad was able to get me and my best friend free tickets to JOHN MAYER on July 10th! John Mayer is probably my favorite artist of all time, not to mention he is beautiful. This not only means that I get to jam out with my best friend this summer to John Mayer, but it also means that my she will be coming to stay with me for a whole week this summer! My week is completely made!!!

My favorite song right now is Somethin Like Olivia…hoope you enjoy!


Rainy Days

Last night I fell asleep with my window up, and woke up to a thunderstorm.


Thunderstorms are my favorite to sleep through, so life really sucked this morning when I had to wake up at 8:30 for a test. I usually hate rainy, gloomy days because I cannot be outside. Thinking about it,  rainy days are good every once in a while because I can get a lot done. Like right now, if it were sunny I would probably be outside with my friends hanging out avoiding homework, but since it is raining, I have nothing else to do but homework. I am really getting to the point that I am ready for summer, but I am still not ready to leave  Springfield.

I have been sitting here listening to Pandora for the past hour, and this song is great to listen to on a rainy day if you’re bored. 

Mixed Feelings

Since I have been enjoying this spring weather to the fullest, I have just came to the realization that I am really dreading summer. Well I am not dreading the weather, I am dreading leaving all of my friends!! I live in Kansas City and all of my friends that I have made seem to all live in St. Louis or somewhere far from me! I don’t want to go home, I love it here. Although I miss my family, Springfield is a fun place. I am super excited to get this summer over with because everyday I am just going to be working. I am super anxious to get back here to move into my apartment with all my best friends! This summer I hope that I get to take trips to St. Louis and my friends come to KC or else my summer is going to be super boring! Well I should probably stop avoiding writing my paper. 

Seeeeee ya

Summer please?

It is that time of year…all i want to do is hang out outside when the whether is this nice. I don’t know about you but nothing makes me happier than a nice day. Now is the time i should really be worrying about school and studying extra hard and I have been struggling lately! I need to get back on my game. I am especially stressed now just being assigned an 8 page paper as well as a speech! I hate speeches. They make me nervous and uncomfortable. That is another reason I am ready for summer: to be done with speech class. I hate it more than anything.

Well I really need to get back to studying …hope y’all have a good week