Spring Break

First off let me say that thirteen hours with four girls can really show a lot about a friendship..

As I said in my last blog, my best friends and I drove down to New Orleans for Spring Break….and it was the best week of my life!

I have only know these girls since school started, and after this trip I can finally say that I have true friends.

This spring break showed me so much about my friendship with all three of these girls, and I know that I will have them for life. We made so many great memories and got to know each other a lot better. Mostly we gained about ten pounds due to the amount of food my family supplied us (they’re Italian and you HAVE to eat). We all ate a lot of pasta and a lot of seafood. Which is soooooo much better in New Orleans!

Our drive down there was 13 hours, and we all had so much fun dancing and singing while listening to old throw back songs. We all took turns driving when we all got tired, but mostly we were just excited to get there! When we got there my cousin Peter Michael took us out to the city of New Orleans, which was a blast The best day was definitely the parade on Saturday. They LOVE St. Patrick’s day! We saw a lot of very interesting people there!  We also did a lot of shopping while we were there…but I still don’t regret it even though I’m poor now. Today has been a STRUGGLE trying to get back in the grove of things, but this trip was worth it!

Hope you all had a great Spring Break!!



2 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. WOW! so jealous! I wish I could have gone to New Orleans with my friends and ate seafood and watched the parade! That would be so cool to be in New Orleans for Saint Patricks Day! What a cool experience. Im glad that your spring break was so memorable and that you and your friends made the best of the crazy long drive!
    My spring break was not nearly as eventful as yours! I just went to Saint Louis with two of my best friends. I ended up being sick pretty much the whole time. We shopped every day and spent money we didn’t really have… We went to a blues games too which was really fun. Like you we listened to old throwback songs that we loved when we were younger. Our favorite pandora station was summer hits of the 2000’s. Very, very entertaining 🙂

  2. New Orleans sounds sick. I can’t wait to check it out one day, hopefully that its still above water. Bourbon Street is the place to go I hear and I can’t wait to visit their for mardi gras. I never knew New Orleans was so big on St. Patricks day. Given my strong irish background I’d love to go down there to have a good time.

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