Today Is A Great Day

I AM SORRY IF YOU ARE READING THIS AMBER, BUT I AM REALLY HAPPY CLASS GOT CANCELLED TODAY 🙂 I now have completed all my homework so I can have a stress-free vacation from school over break. 

 I am so ready for Spring Break!  Although I feel like this semester flew by faster than ever, I am ready for a vacation. On Friday, three friends and I are driving down to New Orleans to spend our Spring Break down there.  I have family that lives down there, so we will be staying with them. My family is on the beach right now in Puerto Rico, and their phones calls are making me more and more anxious to take my vacation! This is a little weird though, because every year I have spent my Spring Break with my family, but since it is my first year of college I decided that I would go with my friends. I am missing out on the beach, but I am stoked for New Orleans! It is a fourteen-hour drive, so we plan on making an overnight stop in Cape Girardeau where my friend Kelsea lives. Hopefully we make it in to New Orleans by Saturday evening. I plan on blogging about my trip on drive back because I know I will be bored in the car. 


Well I hope everyone’s plans for Spring Break are as exciting as mine


Have a good and safe Spring Break! Can’t wait to tell you about my trip.


See ya soon,



One thought on “Today Is A Great Day

  1. Im sure you had a great time! I already know youll have plenty of stories about your trip im going to have to hear when were back. Cant wait to tell you all about my trip too!

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