No Place Like Home

Considering the four day weekend, I decided to drive back home to Kansas City to hang out with my family and my dogs. I don’t think I have mentioned how much my animals are apart of my life yet to you all, so I decided that I would introduce them to you this week while I was home! I have 5 dogs at home, and I love them all to peices!

First we have Sophie! Sophie is a great pyranees that is the most playful and loving dog you will ever meet. She is as tall as me 🙂


Next we have Wallie. Wallie is a bulldog is has more personality than any other dog I’ve ever met. 


Now we have Ellie Mae. Ellie is the oldest of them all. This is a perfect picture of her because she is very lazy is ALWAYS laying in this spot on the couch. I know guys….shes really cute…..


These 2 are the babies of the fam. This is Zinni and LouLou. Zinni thinks he holds down the house because he is my moms best friend. LouLou is a little attention brat, as you can see she is staring at me begging me to pet her. ZInni is a Yorkie and LouLou is a Bishon Poddle mix.



Well guys, this sums up my family. They basically run my house. I thought I would introduce them all to you since they are such a huge part of my family 🙂

Have an awesome week.





2 thoughts on “No Place Like Home

  1. Your dogs look so sweet! I love mine too! We have two labrador retrievers. Jack is blonde and Jill is a black/mix and both of them are a huge part of my family. (They even made the Christmas card lol) When I came home for the weekend both of them met me at the door and Jill was even hopping around my feet as I was trying to get inside. I think not having my dogs in college is one of the hardest parts of going away. You just can’t beat a cuddle buddy like a pup!

  2. Oh my gosh, this is precious. I love puppies, your dogs are adorable. I only have one, and he is a basset hound with those long ears, cant ever get him to stop howling. This is a creative post, very cute.

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