Hot Yoga

So today is February 2, which means we are about a month away from Spring Break. For me, that means time to get in shape.  Not sure about you, but winter makes me very lazy! I struggle with motivating myself to go to the gym. Back at home, I would go to a hot yoga studio, but I didn’t like to go often because of how much it dehydrated me when I would go. Word on the street was that there is a new hot yoga studio in Springfield that uses infrared heat.


How is infrared heat different than regular heat? Well the difference is that instead of blowing hot air into the room, there is infrared heat lamps on the ceiling that are intended to heat only the objects in the room. Versus regular heat that makes the room very hot and humid and unbearable to breathe.  Instead, infrared heats your body from the inside out. There are many benefits of infrared heat including increased collegen levels, removal of toxins and dead skin, helps to heal soreness of tension and muscles, and many more benefits for the body. If you’d like the read more about it, here is a link to the website.


I noticed a huge difference in the hot yoga that used infrared heat. I enjoyed it so much that I went three times last week, and I have felt great! Yoga is a very great workout as well as a relaxing experience. If you are looking for a good work out but struggle with motivating yourself, I highly recommend you try the Pure Hot Yoga studio on Battlefield and Jefferson. It is only $12 dollars to go one time, and it is so worth it. You will feel wonderful after!! I promise!


Ps. There is only 5 yoga studios in the United States that use infrared heat. Springfield is the fifth one.


That’s all! I hope you all check it out!




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