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Tired but Can’t Sleep

So it’s Friday night, and I decided that I would stay in and get some homework done tonight. It only 11 o’clock, but i feel like it is much later than that. 

You know what really drives me crazy? The second I lay my head down to go to sleep 5 million things run through my mind about what I should have done today, and how I need to do it tomorrow. 

For instance. Almost all week I have laid in bed and regretted not going to the gym that day. I just tell myself “Okay I’ll go tomorrow.” Then I end up thinking the same thing the next night. I am one of those people that has to keep a stack of post-it notes next to my bed because I know that I am going to think of the things I have to do the next day. 

Strangely enough, one of the only things that helps me go to sleep is doing math….? Yeah i know…weird. I hate math. Every time I get out my math homework when I can’t sleep, I always get it done. 

Well I tried that, and here I am. 

I have always had issues with sleeping since I was little. It would always take me until about 3 am until I could fall asleep. I used to hate the fact that I would stay up all night until I realized how much more efficient I was in the evening. I always seem to get all my homework done at night. When I think I am tired and try to go to bed, then Ill realize that it is one of those nights that I can’t sleep. I just get out my homework. 

Another thing I recently started doing was drawing. I bought a sketch pad one day when I was feeling really home sick, and I forgot how good it feels to draw. If I am done with my homework and still can’t sleep, I always end up resorting to my sketch pad. 

Well now I am going to make myself some tea and try to get some sleep.. 

Have a good weekend everyone 🙂




No Place Like Home

Considering the four day weekend, I decided to drive back home to Kansas City to hang out with my family and my dogs. I don’t think I have mentioned how much my animals are apart of my life yet to you all, so I decided that I would introduce them to you this week while I was home! I have 5 dogs at home, and I love them all to peices!

First we have Sophie! Sophie is a great pyranees that is the most playful and loving dog you will ever meet. She is as tall as me 🙂


Next we have Wallie. Wallie is a bulldog is has more personality than any other dog I’ve ever met. 


Now we have Ellie Mae. Ellie is the oldest of them all. This is a perfect picture of her because she is very lazy is ALWAYS laying in this spot on the couch. I know guys….shes really cute…..


These 2 are the babies of the fam. This is Zinni and LouLou. Zinni thinks he holds down the house because he is my moms best friend. LouLou is a little attention brat, as you can see she is staring at me begging me to pet her. ZInni is a Yorkie and LouLou is a Bishon Poddle mix.



Well guys, this sums up my family. They basically run my house. I thought I would introduce them all to you since they are such a huge part of my family 🙂

Have an awesome week.




The Lonely Biscuits

(Listen to video while reading )

You all are probably wondering what this title could possibly mean. The Lonely Biscuits is the name of my favorite band, which I would love to share with you all. Strange name, isn’t it? Well yes, but that’s besides the fact that this band is absolutely amazing.

“The Lonely Biscuits” have only been together since September 2011, but their reggae/rap, original style of music has appealed to many more people than they expected in less than a year. These four guys met in the dorms their freshman year at the University of Belmont in Tennessee. They have a very original style; Throughout their songs, they talk about how their goal is to make their music different.. I am not sure about you, but I always have to switch up my music, and this a great band to listen to if you have a broad mind about music.

The lead singer of this band went to a high school with a few of my friends back in Kansas City, which has how I discovered them. I have met them a total of three times!! It was very exciting. Haha. About two months ago, I emailed them asking them about possibly coming to play at Missouri State. They loved the idea, but of course it would cost the school some money. (The school never emailed me back.) I would just like to encourage you all to listen to this band because I have a hard time believing that anyone that listens won’t enjoy what they hear.

About 2 weeks ago, they came out with a new album “A Girl Named Destiny” which has hit #114 on the overall iTunes charts. As you can see, they are getting big fast. I have never shared this band with anyone that does not love them. I would love to bring them to Missouri State before they make it big, so please listen!! I PROMISE YOU WON’T REGRET IT J

You can download their music on iTunes, or listen for free on the website.

Here is a link to their website.

Check out the songs “Chasin Echoes” or   “Johnny Boy Ghostin,’”  Those are my favorites!! But they are all awesome!

Have a good week guys!

Ps. Great music to listen to when you’re having a bad day, they always put me in a better mood!

Hot Yoga

So today is February 2, which means we are about a month away from Spring Break. For me, that means time to get in shape.  Not sure about you, but winter makes me very lazy! I struggle with motivating myself to go to the gym. Back at home, I would go to a hot yoga studio, but I didn’t like to go often because of how much it dehydrated me when I would go. Word on the street was that there is a new hot yoga studio in Springfield that uses infrared heat.


How is infrared heat different than regular heat? Well the difference is that instead of blowing hot air into the room, there is infrared heat lamps on the ceiling that are intended to heat only the objects in the room. Versus regular heat that makes the room very hot and humid and unbearable to breathe.  Instead, infrared heats your body from the inside out. There are many benefits of infrared heat including increased collegen levels, removal of toxins and dead skin, helps to heal soreness of tension and muscles, and many more benefits for the body. If you’d like the read more about it, here is a link to the website.


I noticed a huge difference in the hot yoga that used infrared heat. I enjoyed it so much that I went three times last week, and I have felt great! Yoga is a very great workout as well as a relaxing experience. If you are looking for a good work out but struggle with motivating yourself, I highly recommend you try the Pure Hot Yoga studio on Battlefield and Jefferson. It is only $12 dollars to go one time, and it is so worth it. You will feel wonderful after!! I promise!


Ps. There is only 5 yoga studios in the United States that use infrared heat. Springfield is the fifth one.


That’s all! I hope you all check it out!