Week 1: About Me

So considering this is my first blog, I’m not too sure what I will be writing about every week that is going to be interesting for everyone to read. This week I decided I would just tell you all a little about myself

My name is Gina and I am from a small town called Belton in South Kansas City, Missouri. I have one older sister, Nicole, who is my best friend. I am very close with all of my family. I miss them like crazy, especially my animals! I am obsessed with all of my dogs. Since I was little my mom has always had a passion for rescuing animals and we have always ended up having a lot of dogs. I have two Bulldogs, one Great Pyrenees (favorite!), a Yorkie, and a Poodle.  I also have 3  miniature ponies. If you scroll down you will see a picture of me with my Great Pyranees, Sophie; and my horse, Trooper. Image

My major currently undecided, but I am thinking that I will end up majoring in either Business Management or Entertainment Management because I would like to work for my dads company one day. My dad is the owner of a large catering and rental company. He is very successful and works harder than anyone I know and I want to one day be as successful as he is.

I am also a member of Delta Zeta Sorority and I could not have made a better choice than joining this wonderful group of girls, they are my best friends.

In my free time I really like to draw and scrapbook. Drawing helps me relax when I am feeling stressed out. I am currently making a scrapbook of my freshman year of college.

Well guys, that’s about all.

Have a good week.



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