10,000 Rule

“Practice makes perfect” is a quote we have all heard since we were young. I definitely agree with this statement, but I think it is more than that. When we talk about the hockey player, The Beatles, and  Bill Gates being successful, we think of a genius. I know that if I sat in front of a computer 10,000  like Bill Gates did, I would still not be a computer expert because it is not something that I have passion for and that comes easy to me. The reason that Bill Gates and The Beatle’s made it where they did is because they had passion for what they did and did not pass up any opportunities that they were offered. The Beatle’s are a great example of a group of people that made it where they did because they loved and enjoyed making music.


3 thoughts on “10,000 Rule

  1. Gina! I agree with you. A person has to be truly passionate about something if they want to be successful at it. I know you and I are not computer invested people and that we don’t want to make a living that way. We both have our own directions about where we want to go in our future. We are determined and we will go far with what we want to do. We will take every opportunity that is presented to us and we can conquer all!

  2. Gina I think you touched on a very interesting factor about becoming talented. I think that anyone could get good at something if they dedicated 10,000 hours but having passion for it can make all the difference. Without passion then there is no drive or motivation to become better at that craft. Passion is something that can be a determining factor for talent. I highly doubt someone would be able to reach that marker and still like whatever it is without passion.

  3. Gina – I know I have heard that saying a million times “practice makes perfect.” One time a teacher told me that in order for the saying “practice makes perfect” to work you must have perfect practices. I think it makes sense, because if you put a lot of time into something and your doing it wrong you will never become any where near perfect. I totally agree with you that having a passion for something can take you a long way. I have not declared my major yet, because I am trying to find my passion. (that sounds really cheesy) I just hope I can find that major that I love soon! By the way I enjoyed this blog of yours! =)

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